Slug Slasher

Slug Slasher is a 2D action platformer where the player takes on the role of a chef who must defend the world from an onslaught of giant slugs with only his trusty bucket of salt. Fight your way through crumbling cityscapes, the depths of the slug caverns, or even the glittering gastropod gladiator arenas of Slug Vegas—all the while smashing, dashing, and slashing your way through ridiculous enemies and crazy bosses!

The game is being made in Unity, with Tiled Map Editor used to construct levels. Development started during January of 2017 and is expected to finish during summer of 2018!


Slapped Silly Studios
Slapped Silly Studios is a three-person team of student developers from Indiana University. The group formed when Slug Slasher was pitched in Hoosier Games (now Gamedev@IU) during the spring of 2017 and has continued development since, appearing at Indy PopCon and the Midwest Gaming Classic, in addition to various Indiana University events.

Having pitched the original idea for the game, Ryan Reske is currently a senior in the IU Media School's Game Design program. Additionally, he serves as the team's lead designer and social media manager and is the President of Gamedev@IU.
Rajin Shankar is a junior Computer Science student in IU's School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering. In addition to being the team's lead programmer and artist, he manages web/graphic design and project organization. He is also the Vice President of Programs and founder of Gamedev@IU.
A junior Game Design student, Dakota Erickson serves as the team's lead systems designer and playtesting/QA coordinator. He leads the Gamedev@IU Design Special Interest Group, as well as acting as the organization's main event coordinator.

Slug Slasher's Original Soundtrack is being created by Will Savino, an independent composer and producer based out of Lansing, Michigan. Originally from Buffalo, New York, he received his Master of Music in Composition from Michigan State University in 2017. You can listen to his game music demo reel and solo jazz-fusion EP on his SoundCloud.

We would like to give special mention to the following developers, faculty, and students for their contributions, guidance, and support

Kees Luyendijk
Ian Sundstrom
Will Emigh
Chabane Maidi
Rush Swope
Jonathon Brown
Gaby Benninghoff
Brandon Witten
Zachary Nicholas
Brian Lee
Sebastian Cooney
Kenton Ellson
Emilie Holtz
Brandon Mitchell
Nathan Howe
Nathaniel Ferguson